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Strange Diets ... and Maybe It's Better to Be Fat E-mail
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People say it's dangerous to be fat. Well I often think that if you were fit and fat, it would be far healthier than using some of the strange diets out there.

Some of these diets can't possibly be good for you. Your body needs varying nutrients. Simple as that.

So for Ricky Grover's Fat and Proud website, I thought I'd investigate a few.

by Glen Maney

A Workout For People Who Don't Want To Work Out E-mail

Recently, someone asked me for my views about the amount of daily calories they should consume, and whether a 800-1000 calories intake can help to speed up their weight loss.

Can You Really Eat More and Lose Weight? E-mail

There's good news for people who want to watch their weight without giving up watching TV. Now there's a new workout for couch potatoes and people who think they're too busy to find time to stay fit.



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