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Strange Diets ... and Maybe It's Better to Be Fat E-mail
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People say it's dangerous to be fat. Well I often think that if you were fit and fat, it would be far healthier than using some of the strange diets out there.

Some of these diets can't possibly be good for you. Your body needs varying nutrients. Simple as that.

So for Ricky Grover's Fat and Proud website, I thought I'd investigate a few.

by Glen Maney

Take the internet for example. There are some legitimate diet and weight loss programs on there, but there are also some very strange diet and weight loss ideas. It has become clear that when battling the bulge some people will stop at nothing to lose weight. Here are a few of the strangest diet and weight loss ideas on the internet.

A lot of the new fad diets insist that you eat only one thing. The cabbage soup diet swears you can lose 10 pounds in a week if you can stomach eating cabbage soup and nothing else for an entire week. There are many variations of this diet that include everything from grapefruits to chicken soup. Eating only one item does not make for a healthy diet and weight loss program.

The Brussel Sprout diet. Kate Winslet was reportedly asked by Arnold Schwarzenegger to lose ten pounds to play his love interest in the thriller ‘End of Days’. She did achieve this outrageous request by trying the radical Brussels Sprouts Diet, which involves eating – you guessed it – little else than this leafy green. Apparently, Winslet took her revenge by passing wind at her co-star throughout filming ! So don't use this if you're trying to attract the man or woman of your dreams! however it has to be said that of all the crazy diets,whilst the negatives far outweigh the positives, as a member of the brassica family, Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of fibre, folate and vitamin C. They also contain beta-carotene, potassium and a significant amount of glucosinolates which are proven to reduce cancer, especially lung cancer. It's NO diet though. Just eat your sprouts as part of a well balanced diet.

The Grapefruit Diet is another strange one when you analyse it. If you drink JUST grapefruit juice, you WILL lose weight. You ARE in effect, starving yourself and whilst it's going to assist your immune system, a little more than just drinking water because of the vitamin C,the difference is negligible. According to this diet's proponents, the sweet and juicy grapefruit has fat-burning properties that will have dieters dropping pounds before they know it. Just cut snacks and most complex carbohydrates and drink several glasses of water per day, and you'll be on your way to a slimmer waistline. Even eating the grapefruit which is 98% water is still as I say, starving yourself in effect.

The Fasting Diet. A diet that promises you can lose 6 pounds in one month while being able to eat whatever it is you want (well, on certain days that is) requires you to fast every other day. That's right, starve yourself silly every other day and you'll see results! I don't know about you but this sounds like anorexia...Every other day that is. The body can't get into any sort system and will just ask for gluttony every other day in order to store food for the following!

The Cotton Wool diet. No, I'm not kidding! Supposedly celebrities skinny and dumb enough have tried this one out and the results have been amazing! All you have to do is soak the cotton balls in gelatin and that's all you eat because the genetics of the "cotton ball" will naturally fill you up, and you will no longer crave any fattening substances to follow. Then again it'd be hard to want to swallow anything when you have a self-inflicted fur-ball down your throat...

The Macrobiotic Diet. A dietary regimen that involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other foodstuffs such as vegetables and beans, and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods. Macrobiotics also addresses the manner of eating by recommending against overeating and requiring that food be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. It "sounds" healthy and all, but it requires you to eat only the most boring of foods ever. Stuff like grains, nothing processed or remotely tasty in my honest opinion. The worst thing is, though this diet "claims" to cure or prevent cancer, but the founder of this diet was reported to have died from cancer.

A new fad right now is the Jesus diet. There is no biblical justification for this diet. It basically proclaims that the followers of this diet and weight loss program eat only raw foods, not including meat, and fast at least one day per week. Plus you are only allowed two meals per day and each meal cannot go over 1-2 pounds. This diet isn't exactly unhealthy but maybe they figure if you have no energy you can't get to the food anyway. This is defiantly not a diet for anyone who wants to do anything but sleep.

Okay this one is not for the faint of heart. Famous women like opera singer Maria Callas and supermodel Claudia Schiffer are alleged to have tried the Tape Worm Diet. Pills that contain tape worms are ingested. The tape worms live in the intestines and help consume the food you eat. You are always hungry but never gain weight no matter how much you eat. This one is defiantly not healthy and a little on the extreme side. Somehow eating worms for diet and weight loss just doesn't seem healthy.

The Apple Cider and Vinegar Diet. Trade your spare tire for apple cider. It's as simple as that, according to Apple Cider Vinegar Diet enthusiasts. The fermenting apples contain pectin, which is believed to be a kick-start for pound shedding. So swig a few teaspoons of apple vinegar before each meal, and let the fat-burning process begin. Got to be worth a try although there's no scientific evidence to back it up. Unless you have stomach ulcers in which case it's a definite no-no, it won't do much harm according to most analysts.

Here's a diet and weight loss idea for those who really like breathing. The Breatharian Diet allows you to reach a higher spiritual plane where food is not necessary. No food is allowed ,only air. I guess no one ever told them man cannot live by air alone. Need I say this one is unhealthy and just completely off the wall. Breatharians believe that eating is an acquired habit and that air and sunlight should be our primary forms of sustenance. Train your body to subsist on little to no food, and you'll emerge fitter, re-energized and more in tune with the universe. But take this one with a barrel of salt. Wiley Brooks, the founder of the Breatharian Institute of America, claimed he hadn't eaten for 19 years--then reports emerged that he had been spotted eating a chicken pie.

Not that cranky diets are new. Bulimia is believed to have been started by the Romans in the time of Caesar had special rooms in which to expel their feasts, but this was for the sake of gluttony rather than wanting to be thin. They would purge between courses to make room for every dish on offer.

The only healthy diet and weight loss program is watching what you eat and exercising. Following these strange and dangerous fad diets may help you lose weight but what happens when you eventually go off the diet, sometimes you end up gaining more than you lost as your body craves the necessary vitamins, proteins and calories that it's been starved of.

The whole idea of diet and weight loss is to be healthier, so why risk your health with fad diets that can often be dangerous.

If you want to start 2010 in the correct manner and want to lose weight … Drink more water. Start by supplementing a couple of cups of tea or coffee each day with a glass. Add more vegetables and fruit to your diet and don't eat "fatty" (more than 5% saturated fat) every day. Make it every other. Then go for at least one good walk a day and instead of taking the car to get your paper. Walk it. That'll be better for you than any of the above fads and take it from me. It'll be a good start. Be fat and proud by all means. But be healthy too.

A happy and healthy New Year from Glen Maney.



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